93 Brand “Hooks v3” Women’s BJJ Gi

New 425 GSM Advanced Pearl Weave
8oz Twill Cotton pants
Updated branding throughout

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ninety three’s fashionable and dependable “Hooks” collection has gotten just a little facelift and a few enhancements. The similar minimalist styling (no large patches, no massive trademarks) now contains new accents colours (white with darkish teal and black) and redesigned branding, in addition to new materials. The 425 GSM Prime Tech Weave has been changed with the 425 GSM Complex Pearl, that’s extra tightly woven and a lot more immune to shrinkage. Leading edge hem patching alongside the entrance left nook of the Gi provides a dash of colour with out taking over needless area if that is your festival Gi (leaving numerous room for crew and sponsor trademarks). Pants are constructed from 8oz twill cotton with complete-duration double strengthened knees. Thorough coverage and luxury. Closely strengthened cuffs and hem, with distinction threading in most effective make a selection spaces. 93brand once more makes use of their thicker and wider EVA foam middle collar. The left arm and hip patchwork features a double-sponsored patch for a nicer glance and extra sturdiness. The Hooks v3 is provided with 3 drawstring loops and a spherical stretch drawstring.
New 425 GSM Complex Pearl Weave
8oz Twill Cotton pants
Up to date branding all over
Wider, thicker EVA foam collar
Distinctive outer skirt woven patch


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