The Best Martial Arts Shoes

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Martial Arts Shoes Buying Guide

Being a top-skilled martial artist is not easy. It takes years of practice and proper training with all the necessary equipments. You need the right accessories that can provide optimum support to train safely. All the martial artists are now using shoes while practicing famous styles such as Kung Fu, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Jujitsu and Wushu. Of course, many pros practice barefoot because they show respect for this tradition and also because they are skilled in their style. You should you not take the risk and learn your favorite martial style safely. You will need high-quality shoes to protect your feet. So, follow this buying guide and you will learn what to check before buying the shoes.

Do not use normal sports shoes:

Actually, there are many martial arts training centers where the normal shoes are not allowed. If you will buy the normal sports shoes, you will have to remove those shoes before practicing martial arts. It will be the waste of money and therefore you should search only for the best martial arts shoes. The martial arts training centers provide a uniform to all the trainees. The normal shoes will not look perfect with that uniform. In addition, you can either choose white or black shoes. So, you should go online and look for the martial arts shoes and not for normal shoes.


Choose shoes according to the martial arts style:

If you are thinking that the same shoes are used while practicing all the different martial arts, then it is not true. There are various styles in martial arts and the shoes are also designed to provide the best support and comfort in that style. High-top shoes are used in some martial arts and low-cut martial arts shoes are also used in some martial arts techniques. It is all about providing better maneuverability and optimum ankle support. So, the shoe manufacturing companies consider how the feet move during the practice and then develop a design that can offer perfect support.

Find a perfect size:

Though you may know what size shoes are perfect for you, finding an ideal fit in the best martial arts shoes can be a bit tougher. These shoes are designed and produced for both men and women. The slim and narrow design of martial arts shoes makes it a little difficult to find a perfect fit in the regular size. Therefore, you may need to place the order for one size larger shoes or you can try some shoes to find the best fit.

Choose black or white martial arts shoes:

The martial arts shoes are mainly available in two colors, black and white. The most popular brands also produce this type of shoes in these two colors or black & white color combination. The reason why black or white shoes are used is to match with the uniform. Most of the martial arts trainees use white Gi or black Gi. Therefore, the shoe color is also chosen with respect to the color of the uniform.

You should invest your bucks in high-quality martial arts shoes to buy a pair that can last for a long time.

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