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Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes, Black, Size 9
499 Reviews
Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes, Black, Size 9
  • The Century light foot martial art shoes were specially designed for the martial arts, featuring...
  • These lightweight shoes feature rubber soles for excellent traction, and the pliable material...
  • The synthetic leather material is available in your preferred color for a reliable pair of martial...

There is no lack of options, when it comes to searching for the best martial arts shoes. Many renowned brands are producing martial arts shoes and selling them online or offline. Though there are multiple brands and multiple good options, it can be a bit confusing to select the best. Century, which is famous for offering reliable in-wall and indoor timers, is also offering some great options. This review will show you that why you should buy the Century martial arts shoes or why you should avoid them. We have reviewed some bestselling shoe models from this brand to help you in choosing the best one.

  • Century Lightfoot Martial Art Shoes:

It is the best selling model of the Century martial arts shoes. These shoes offer synthetic leather made upper and rubber outsole. Most of the martial arts shoes are prepared from these two materials. However, the customer ratings of Century Lightfoot is quite better than many expensive shoes. It means, most of the buyers are happy with the comfort, durability, stability, and performance of these shoes. These shoes are available in three different colors. You can choose a pair according to your uniform and get it online.

  • Century Martial Arts Rubber Sole Kung Fu Shoe:

Calling it a shoe would be wrong. Essentially, these are the Kung Fu slippers that all the Chinese masters use while practicing the Chinese martial arts styles. Century is providing you with the rubber sole Kung Fu shoes. These shoes are probably one of the most affordable Kung Fu shoes that you can buy. You may not find these shoes in the local footwear stores, but you can buy them online. The upper is prepared from the cloth and the outsole is prepared from rubber. The shoe will stretch according to the size of your feet and therefore you will feel comfortable.

Century Lightfoot Martial Art Shoes
499 Reviews
Century Lightfoot Martial Art Shoes
  • Specially designed to be lightweight and pliable.
  • Outsoles are optimized for gripping floor.
  • Rubber sole features pivot point for enhanced footwork.
  • Century Martial Arts Cotton Sole Kung Fu Shoe:

Century has designed and produced the Cotton Sole Kung Fu Shoes especially for the Kung Fu fans. Buying those expensive martial arts shoes is not an easy task for everyone. Century is a brand that recognizes this problem very well. It also addresses that problem very well by selling the Kung Fu shoes at very cheap prices. These shoes are prepared totally from the cloth. These shoes will feel very light and comfortable on your feet. Though you will pay a very affordable price, you can buy more than one pair for your Kung Fu training.

Final words:

If your budget is not too high, you should check the Century martial arts shoes. This brand has recently started producing martial arts shoes. Many buyers have bought Century’s shoes and used them. Most of them seem happy with the performance of the shoes.

We have gone through all the reviews and did not find anything quite annoying about Century footwear. Therefore, you can trust this brand, buy the Century Kung Fu shoes and martial arts shoes, and then try them during the regular practice sessions. Your feet will be secure and stable on the mat.

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