Chinese Martial Arts Shoes Buying Guide

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The Chinese people have been practicing the martial arts for a very long time. Styles like Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, and Wushu are the Chinese martial arts techniques. One thing that lures millions of people towards these martial arts techniques is the way it is practiced. You need to wear a uniform and then shoes before starting the training session. The Chinese martial arts are not like Taekwondo in which you cannot use the martial arts shoes.

The Chinese martial arts shoes look pretty different from the regular martial arts shoes. These shoes are called slippers or slip on shoes because of their unique design and shape. You will have to buy these shoes, if you are planning to train in the Chinese martial arts styles. Continue reading to reveal how to find the best slippers for martial arts practice.

Things to consider while buying the Chinese martial arts shoes:

It may be possible that you do not recognize the Chinese martial arts shoes. It can be because of their unique design and style. As different the martial arts techniques are in Chine, similarly the uniforms and footwear are also different. Therefore, you need a guide that you can follow to buy the required shoes.


Slippers or normal martial arts shoes:

If it is not mandatory in your kung fu or Wushu training institute to put on the slippers before the practice, you can use the regular martial arts shoes there. It may be possible that some Kung Fu masters or the Wing Chun pros may not allow you to use the normal martial arts shoes. You will have to buy the Chinese martial arts shoes in such conditions. You should not get worried about it because the training institutes usually allow the beginners to use normal martial arts shoes so that they can feel comfortable.

Leather-made shoes or cloth-made sneakers:

The Chinese martial arts masters use only cloth-made slip-on shoes. These shoes are easy to wear and remove. In addition, the rubber sole keeps the feet stable on the ground and offers enough protection to prevent the injuries. You can also try the leather made shoes or synthetic leather made shoes. Though, these will be the regular martial arts shoes. The design and looks of normal martial arts shoes are much better than the slippers and therefore most of the trainees try these shoes.


When you have considered all the other things, now the time comes to consider the price. The Chinese martial arts shoes do not cost as expensive price as other shoes. The slippers or slip-on shoes, which are prepared from cloth, cost a very affordable price. You can buy these shoes in black color. If you want to try something different that you can use while practicing different martial art styles, then you should buy the regular martial arts shoes. Here also you will get some great options in the design and price. Choose high quality shoes so that you can use those shoes for a long time.


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