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Articles from our martial arts blog:

Kickboxen Gürtel

Kung Fu Equipment, Training & Sashes Colors

Kung Fu is now widespread worldwide and those interested can choose between a wide range of schools and training courses. So that you can clarify the most important questions in ...
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Karate Rangliste

Major karate tournaments, world championships & competition rules

Where do the most famous karateka actually perform? At the renowned karate tournaments, of course. In the international competitions, the rankings in the different age and weight classes will be ...
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Kickboxen lernen

Learning kickboxing: I have to pay attention to that

Kickboxing is still one of the modern martial arts that is enjoying increasing popularity. It scores with its easy learnability, which, however, requires strong discipline, good endurance and an iron ...
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Selbstverteidigung für Kinder

Self-defense for children: you should know that

Self-defense is often more of an issue with adults, and some believe that martial arts is unsuitable for children. But especially children - without practice - are not able to ...
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Makiwara: Background & FAQ about the punch post

Makiwara: Background & FAQ about the punch post

The Makiwara is a one punch post. In karate, kyudo and other martial arts it is used for training and toughening. The board helps the practitioner to perfect their technique ...
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Karate belt: colors, requirements exams | Buy belts Break tests in martial arts with break test boards Karate suit: How to find your perfect Karate-Gi Karate shoes: Simply find the right model

Equipment for training Choosing the accessories you need mainly depends on your choice of which path you want to take. A kumite competitor needs a lot more equipment than a ...
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