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Important note on our USMA Honor Roll of Higher Life Members: All teachers should note that credit is given on the Life Membership of every USMA teacher for the full cash gift and credit of every single one of his or her USMA Life Members. Let’s take an example. You ask five of your students to become Life Members. They do so by using their credit cards on our website. At the National Office, we immediately give each of them a credit to be added to their gift, bringing their Life Membership total up to $400 in the USMA database. At the same time the computer automatically adds that $400 for each of the new LMs to the LM total of the club instructor.

So for five new LMs, a total of $2,000 is immediately added to the instructor’s total, making that loyal supporter of our Association at least a Bronze Patron Life Member, and earning a place on the Honor Roll. Our top club leader, Donn Schucker, now has $323,864 on his LM, mostly credits from his 500 USMA LMs. However, he has nearly 100 more to send in, which will add 100 times $400 or $40,000 more in credits to his LM, putting his total up to near $375,000! That’s dedication! If you are wondering how O-Sensei got up to $436,958 for his LM total, that is mostly old USJA credits, as all USJA LM totals are added to our USMA LMs. Right now, O-Sensei enrolls hundreds of USMA Life Members on his seminar tours each year, but does not claim any credit for these, all credit goes to the USMA club instructors concerned.”

Please note that this Honor Roll is incomplete. Many of our members are already Trustee Life Members or higher, but our computer system has not yet prepared a list of their names. This will be accomplished soon, and this list will be updated regularly. Please note also that we do not ordinarily list members below the Trustee Life Member level in this Honor Roll.

Very Important Note: Our Association gives credit on the USMA Life Memberships of our members for the total Life Membership amount of all US Judo Association Life Membership donations. Our O-Sensei founded the USJA Life Membership program many years ago. When the USMA was founded thousands of his students joined the USMA, so it is proper that their sacrificial contributions to the Martial Arts when they were USJA members be considered as part of their USMA Life Memberships. All that is required to claim this credit is to obtain any written record from the USJA showing your USJA LM total, send it to the USMA National Office, and the total will be added to your Life Membership.

We have added the USJA LM totals, as far as we know them, to the USMA Life Membership totals of the following leaders. Please scroll down for information on our USMA Life Membership credit program and the various USMA Life Membership levels.

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