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Is karate suitable as a martial arts for women?

Karate für Frauen

Is karate suitable for women or is it a sport for men? We pursue this question and question the suitability of martial arts for women. On the one hand, whether the exercise makes sense, but also whether the sport can be used by women for self-defense.

Karate for women

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Videos of karate women

If you want to convince yourself that karate is ideal for women for self-defense, you can watch the following videos. They come from competitions or were uploaded by private individuals.

Answers to common questions

Is karate a brutal sport?

The fact that karate is seen by the public as an extremely brutal and ruthless martial art through television films, discourages some women from learning it.

However, this is more complete nonsense, because no serious club in Germany trains the way we know it from Hollywood films. Rather, the highest value is placed in training that all karateka leave the dojo unharmed.

Karate training for women

Furthermore, the intensity of the training is determined, among other things, by which partner each individual trains with. For example: no coach will let a skinny woman who started training four weeks ago fight a heavy man with a black belt. It would be preprogrammed here that the woman is desperate because she has no chance and that the black belt is downright bored because there is no challenge for him.

Rather, the coach is looking for you Exercise partner look for which is more suitable in terms of experience and body stature. From this perspective, karate is just as suitable for women as it is for men.

Do you need a lot of strength for karate?

Another aspect that often raises concerns is most of the time lower strength of women.

  • However, this is not a problem at all, as it is used to meet the Requirements for the next belt doesn’t matter. Only the execution of the technique and overall body control have an influence on the assessment. The evaluation of the pure strength does not take place in any examination program, not even with higher grades.
  • However, one can clearly say that other martial arts due to their principle require less strength than karate. Judo is also recommended for women, as the principle of “maximum effect, with minimum effort” is used here. But that shouldn’t prevent a woman from learning karate. In sporting competitions, on the other hand, women only compete against women and additional weight classes are formed in order to minimize physical disadvantages.
  • In addition, a woman who has mastered karate is absolutely capable Repel blows (This is more about technology than power). In addition, karate women know where and how an attacker is incapacitated is to be done. Because here a targeted blow is necessary, of course power also plays a role, but not the leading one.

Karate in pregnancy

The only point at which karate is for women not suitable is is pregnancy. The extreme stresses combined with the risk of damaging the abdomen through direct hits or other vibrations can be dangerous for the child. Karate should be avoided during pregnancy.

Conclusion: karate is very suitable

Ultimately, the question “is karate suitable for women”, mentioned at the beginning, has to be considered in several facets:

  • Fitness: Karate is ideally suited to increase the fitness of women as well as men. In addition to the defense and attack techniques, the stamina is also trained.
  • coordination: Your body will listen to you better and coordination will be improved through the training.
  • defense: Karate training is not just about repelling attacks, there are special self-defense courses for this. Still, common ones come Defense Techniques against kicks and punches or attacks with weapons. Also Attack techniques with fists and feet are taught. Therefore, you will definitely know how to respond to one or more attackers than without the training.

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