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Why You Should Not Allow Your Kids to Practice Martial Arts Barefoot?

Does your kid also want to learn martial arts like Kung fu, Karate, or Judo? You should appreciate this demand of your kids and let them learn how to defend when someone is attacking. Today’s kids are taking a huge interest in martial arts mainly because of the movies and cartoon shows. The kids also want to learn how to fight and defeat the enemy. They cannot do it without learning the self-defense techniques and therefore they wish to join the martial arts training institutes. Parents often deny this demand because they worry that their kids may hurt themselves. You can provide the necessary martial arts supplies and high-quality kids martial arts shoes and the chances of injuries will be very low.

Why barefoot martial arts training is not safe for the kids?

Whether your kid wants to learn Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Karate, Wushu, or any other martial arts technique, barefoot training is not safe for him. The first thing that is quite concerning about barefoot training is the chances of injuries. Little kids do not get it how to protect them. They get involved deeply in the technique they are learning and that’s what creates a danger of injury.


You would never like it that your kid is facing fungal skin infection because of barefoot training. Though there is no tradition of wearing shoes while practicing martial arts in Japan, wearing the shoes is common in other parts of the world. Your kid will be safe throughout the practice session and return home with a smile and not with a skin issue or other health issue. The kids martial arts shoes are designed to offer impressive comfort. There will be no aching and inflammation while your kid will practice the self defense techniques.

Do the kids like to wear shoes while practicing martial arts?

It may be possible that all the kids do not like to wear the shoes during the training. The Kung Fu, Karate, and Taekwondo training institutes make it compulsory for the kids to wear the shoes before the practice. So, whether your kids like or not, they will have to wear the shoes. It is necessary for their protection and also for their performance. The kids martial arts shoes are also similar as adults’ martial arts shoes. The rubber outsole provides a firm grip on the mat to practice some difficult leg movements. The kids never fall down and therefore they acquire more skills very fast.

Buying the best martial arts shoes for the kids:

Though it is not so tough, it can be if you search for the kids martial arts shoes at the local footwear stores. What you should do is search online and then check the best quality shoes at the e-retail sites. You will get some affordable and high-quality shoes. These shoes come only in two colors, black and white. So, choose the shoe color according to the uniform and then place the order. You will get the shoes delivered within two days and then your kid can try them for the martial arts practice.

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