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Krava Maga for women: perfect for self-defense

Karate für Frauen

Due to the fact that women are significantly more likely to be victims of predatory or sexual assault, they need an even more effective way of defending themselves against such attacks. We want to take a closer look at the possibilities of Krav Maga, because Krav Maga is a martial art designed for effectiveness.

3 reasons why Krav Maga is suitable for women

Krav Maga is one of the best ways for women to acquire SV techniques.

  1. Size and weight are secondary: Imrich Lichtenfeld develops the system so that Krav Maga can be learned for women, men, pensioners and children alike. He focused on techniques where weight and height play a minor role in their application, as men and women were drafted into military service in Israel. In doing so, he created a self-defense system that anyone can learn.
  2. Consistent appearance: Another positive point for the women among you is the targeted avoidance of the actual assault through self-confident appearance. This not only includes saying “No!” To alert any passers-by, but generally the correct behavior in the event of a provocation. Krav Maga for women aims to nip the physical confrontation in the bud.
  3. Effective martial arts: Fitness and agility are important in any martial arts. However, at Krav Maga, “pragmatic” self-defense techniques are also learned, which can be used on the way home even without high physical fitness or when drunk.

The fact that women who were “protected” a little too much in childhood and therefore only show below-average motor skills does not interfere with learning. Krav Maga works a lot on the intuitive level, which you have from birth and do not have to learn.

Exemplary training units

So that you can get an idea of ​​how a training works, you will find a few exemplary excerpts from a Krav Maga training below.

Well-known Krav Maga fighters

Normally we would introduce you to the most successful female athletes at this point. However, since there are no championships in Krav Maga, this point is omitted. Instead, you should find out a few names of highly graduated women who are involved in the spread of Krav Maga in Germany.

  • Gabriele Schwab has Expert Level 1, is an IKMF instructor for private individuals, the police and the military and is a co-owner of the “Krav Maga School Augsburg”. She also teaches at KEEPSAFE in Munich.
  • Katherina Keller is a graduate level 5 holder and IKMF instructor of the “Defend Yourself” schools in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Darmstadt.
  • Beate Bechmann from the “Krav Maga Center Frankfurt” is Germany’s oldest female KMG instructor and has the 5th graduate level. She specializes in training women and children in self-defense.
Karate for women
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Krav Maga courses for women

In a nutshell: Krav Maga is very popular today for building fitness and self-confidence as well as learning to defend yourself. It is ideal for the physically inferior (smaller, less powerful), such as women or seniors.

In cities with high demand, special courses are offered that are tailored to women. With the range of courses for women, you have to differentiate between one-off weekend courses and permanent memberships, but both variants are suitable for gaining a certain basic knowledge.

There you can learn how to recognize and avoid attacks in good time. If it comes to a dispute, you will of course also receive a lot of tips and learn movement sequences in order to defend yourself against much stronger opponents. Furthermore, in these courses you will learn to defend yourself with the help of everyday objects and against armed attacks.

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