Best Kung Fu Shoes

Kung fu Shoes – an Ultimate Guide

Kung fu shoes, also known as the Tai Chi shoe” or “martial arts shoes,” is a traditional shoe type in china. The shoes hold great importance in the Chinese culture as they were worn by the kung fu experts while practicing Tai Chi.

Sensei Best No. 1
Men's Martial Art Kung Fu Tai Chi Cotton Sole Canvas Shoes (12) Black
  • Cotton Sole Kung Fu Shoes
  • Black canvas
  • Slip-on style
Sensei Best No. 3
Shoes8teen Men's Martial Art Kung Fu Tai Chi Rubber Sole Canvas Shoes (Black Rubber, 11)
  • 100% Cotton
  • Rubber sole/Cotton Sole
  • Rubber Sole Kung Fu Shoes
Sensei Best No. 4
BlackBeltShop Rubber Sole Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes Size Men's 10 1/2 to 11
  • Slip on style make these shoes great for street or studio
  • Rubber soles.
  • Canvas upper.
Sensei Best No. 5
Sedroc Kung Fu/Tai Chi Shoes with White Cotton Sole for Men and Women (43 (Men's 8.5 / Women's 9.5))
  • Kung fu shoes with white cotton sole
  • Black canvas upper with high quality white cotton lining and cotton sole
  • Chinese traditional Old Beijing style shoes with 3000 years of history in China
Sensei Best No. 6
T.O.P ONE Kung Fu Martial Arts Parkour Shoes,Rubber Sole Sneakers-Black 45(Men 11|Women 12.5)
  • Unisex Chinese Traditional Sneaker for Kung Fu,Parkour,Taekwondo,Running and Jogging.
  • Rubber sole:Lightweight and flexible.
  • Canvas upper:Wear-resistant and breathable.
Sensei Best No. 7
Chinese Traditional Old Beijing Shoes Unisex Martial Art Kung Fu Tai Chi Rubber Sole Shoes Black
  • Material: Canvas Shoe upper, Cotton lining, Anti Slip Rubber Sole, Lightweight, Flexible and Durable.
  • Chinese traditional shoes,Old Beijing cloth shoes,3000 years of history in China.
  • Great choice for Martial arts, Kungfu, Tai chi, Hip-hop, Parkour, Rock, Wushu, Favorite of FASHION young people.
Sensei Best No. 8
adidas Kick Shoes Martial Arts Sneaker White with Black Stripes (6)
  • A very light shoe with good fit and grip rubber outsole.
  • Short lace for better fixation on foot.
  • Updated Version Of Adidas Adi-kick
SaleSensei Best No. 9
OSdream Canvas Kung Fu Shoes (Black, 42 (US Men 9 | Women 9 1/2))
  • Material: canvas. Shipping time about 7-15 days, less than a month
  • Shoes lightweight, wear-resistant,Air permeability
  • Provides maximum traction for ultimate performance,Durable canvas lace-up top,padded yet light sole
Sensei Best No. 10
APIKA Chinese Traditional Old Beijing Shoes Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes Rubber Sole Unisex Black (CHN44 (US:Men 10/Women 11))
  • Simple, yet Comfortable to wear
  • Traditional, Old Beijing cloth shoes, yet Stylish
  • Slip-on style, Casual, Suitable for indoor/outdoor use

In addition, the main aim of kung fu is to train the body and mind equally to fight the upcoming shot. Likewise, the shoes were specially designed by keeping the purpose of ‘self-defense in mind.

However, the popularity of kung fu shoes is confined to china only in today’s world. Instead, they are equally popular in every region of the world. Different renowned brands like Adidas  and e-bay have also started to produce kung fu shoes.

However, the kung fu shoes prepared by Sensei shoes have a slight edge over any other brand’s martial shoes. There are various reasons behind us recommending sensei shoes.

best kung fu shoes

For instance, the material is comfortable, is made up of far better quality than any other brand. And most importantly, they are available at an affordable rate than the competitive brands in the market. Thus, you should definitely check out the brand.

To make the purchase easier for you, we have organized a full buying guide. So without any further due, let jump into it.

Traits to consider when buying kung fu shoes

There is a wide variety of features that you should take under consideration before buying martial arts shoes. We have listed some of the points below. Have a look

Are you purchasing the right size of shoes?

Every other person on earth has one big foot than the other. And you should always be sure that the shoes fit your bigger foot in order to ensure that you are buying the right size of the shoe.

How comfortable they are?

It is always crucial for not only a kung fu shoe but for every shoe across the globe to provide comfort to its wearer.

Hence an uncomfortable shoe can bring a lot of problems into a person’s life, from a clumsy walk to the back ace, and the graph especially goes high with martial arts shoes.

So, it is always recommended to test the comfortability before you make the purchase. Thus test your shoes in every possible posture. i.e., standing and even sitting.

Remember, the sole is the soul of any shoe

The soul is the primary thing that makes sure to provide the perfect grip and easement to the wore. Thus always look for kung fu shoes that are lightweight and flexible as the thin sole is the main trait of any martial arts shoe.

You can check the shoe’s flexibility by twisting it in a different direction. Also, look for a lined pattern outer sole as it provides the maximum grip on a slippery surface.

Types of kung fu shoes

The best part of going for kung fu shoes is that you get a wide variety of types to choose from. Here we have gathered and listed some of them along with a few of their details so that you can select your type accordingly.

  1. Traditional kung fu shoes

They are the most popular sort among all. Worn by experts, the traditional kung fu shoes are all rounder and suites every type of person.

  1. Bare feet’s kung fu slippers

These shoes are popular among kung fu beginners. As students learning kung fu or its, any form is made to wear these shoes during the training. The shoes are also known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu shoes ( the BJJ shoes).

  1. Muay Thai ankle support

Muay thigh ankle supports are 90 percent similar to the bare feet kung fu slippers. However, they have an ankle wrap for some extra ankle support. These shoes help to reduce slipping on sweat and provide protection while kicking.

  1. Tai Chi Shoes

Last but not least, we have Tai Chi shoes next on the list. They have a similar look to that of traditional kung fu shoes. But they are geared towards enabling the wearer to turn more easily.

buy kung fu slippers

Advantages of going for kung fu shoes than any other shoe form

There are countless benefits that an individual may enjoy, in case he is going for martial arts shoes. Let us look at some of them

  • Comfort

As already mentioned, the kung fu shoes are made from a softer and lighter sole. Hence they are more comfortable than any other form of shoes.

  • Safety

Martial arts shoes are made to support the arch, which ultimately helps in avoiding injuries and the risk of falls.

  • Flexibility

Thanks to the light and thin sole. The kung foo slippers are more flexible and provide more convenient turning than other sorts of shoes.

  • Maximum grip

As the kung fu slippers have a lined pattern on the outermost sole. They tend to provide maximum grip even on the slippery surface; thus, they help to improve the balance.

  • Boosts Kung fu learning

As the shoes are specially designed to be worn during kung fu practice, They help in getting your body and mind in shape so that the learning activities may observe a boost and help a student to learn self-protection.

The best part of kung fu shoes is that they are not confined to any age group or gender. Thus people of all ages and gender can wear them to improve their life quality.

Finally verdict

On the bottom line., Kung fu slippers have gained massive popularity across the globe on the basis of their amazing qualities.

The martial arts shoes are more flexible, comfortable, and convenient to wear. Also, they provide the maximum support and protection to an individual.

However, always purchase a pair of kung fu shoes from a renowned brand such as Sensei shoes to rest assure the maximum user experience. So, now that you have all the crucial information about the kung fu shoes, you are all good to make a purchase.

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