Otomix Martial Arts Shoes

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Numerous sports accessories brands are producing the martial arts shoes. Only a few of those brands have supplied the fitness and martial arts gears for more than one decade. The Otomix is one of those brands. It was established during 1988 and since that time it has supplied top quality martial arts gears, fitness footwear and apparels. It is a famous American brand that can be your first choice, if you are looking for the best quality martial arts shoes at affordable prices. The Otomix Original Lite Martial Arts Shoes is one of the top rated martial arts footwear on Amazon. Is it durable, comfortable, and a reliable choice or not? You will find the answers in this review.

The Otomix Original Lite Martial Arts Shoe:

It is one of the best selling shoes from this brand. Otomix mainly produces bodybuilding shoes. It has several great options for bodybuilders, but the Otomix Original Lite is one of the best selling shoes in this category. It is for the martial arts training beginners and pros. These shoes provide the user with everything they require to improve the performance during the martial arts training sessions and competitions. If you are competing in a karate, Taekwondo, or Judo competition, you should try the Otomix Original Lite Martial Arts Shoes. The features of these shoes will make them perfect for your practice.


  • Super Lightweight:

Does it matter that how weighted your shoes are, when you are practicing Kung Fu or Karate? Of course, it matters and heavy shoes can resist the free flow of your feet. You will not be able to perform many tough maneuvers and your competitor can take advantage of your deficiency. The Otomix Martial Arts Shoes are extremely lightweight. These shoes are prepared from synthetic leather and rubber. Lightweight material is used to prepare so that the shoes will weigh minimum weight and the user can feel comfortable.

  • Excellent durability:

These shoes are designed and built only for the martial arts practice. You should not use these shoes for hiking or outing because then the rubber sole may not last for a long time. When it comes to the durability, people compare a product without considering why it is used. If you will use the Otomix martial arts shoes only during the training time and practice sessions, these shoes will last for several months. In fact, you can use these shoes more than a year.

  • It is a slip on with laced top:

The Chinese slip on shoes look pretty outdated and therefore many martial arts trainees avoid them. However, you can try the Otomix martial arts shoes because these are also the slip on with laced top. It will appear like modern martial arts shoes, but you will get the benefits of slippers.

Final words:

Of course, The Otomix martial arts shoes are not the cheapest one in the market. The price seems a bit expensive, but quality is also awesome. So, if you need a pair of durable and impressive martial arts shoes, buy the Otomix slip on shoes.

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