Shaolin Monk Shoes

Sensei Best No. 1
JHLA Unisex Adults Children Tai Chi Shoes,Classic Kung Fu Shoes Shaolin Monk Martial Arts Breathable Sneakers Shoes,White-11
  • Soft martial arts shoes: This shoe upper and sole are super soft, and the comfortable design in fashion is our tenet forever
  • Comfortable:The innovative shoes,which are light and breathable, ensure comfortable freedom of movement, especially for the design of Taekwondo,Boxing,Karate,Kung Fu and TaiChi
  • Sole: Rubber outsole, lightweight shock absorption, can effectively cushion the impact of the ground, the sole is non-slip texture design, the movement is more stable
Sensei Best No. 2
ZooBoo Unisex Monk Shoes Lay Shoes Martial Art Sneaker Shaolin Footwear (Gray, US(Men) 10=44)
  • Material: Cotton Fabric; Oxfod Bottom
  • Great Workmanship; 100% Quality Guarantee
  • Comfy Touch & Light Weight
Sensei Best No. 3
Sensei Best No. 4
Shanghai Story Shaolin Temple Unisex Buddhist Monk Shoes Kungfu Sneaker Coffee 45
  • Material: Cotton & Linen
  • Great Workmanship; 100% Quality Guarantee
  • Excellent flexibility, No deformation
Sensei Best No. 5
ZooBoo Chinese Monk Buddha Shoes - Wushu Buddhist Kung Fu Tai Chi Shaolin Qi Gong Trainer Wing Chun Slipper Sneaker Footwear with Rubber Sole for Men...
  • PROTECT FEET - The Rubber sole is soft, comfortable and elastic with strong adhesion. The Rubber sole can have excellent vibration reduction and pressure resistant performance. It protects your feet effectively.
  • BREATHABLE - It is made of high-quality breathable material which will prevent excessive perspiration and keeps feet comfortable.
  • COMFORTABLE - They are soft and elegant. In daily walking, the shoes make the users feeling comfortable, meeting the requirements of daily walking.
Sensei Best No. 6
Sensei Best No. 7
ZooBoo Unisex Buddhist Monk Shoes Breathable Mesh Lay Sneaker Kungfu Lohan Footwear (Yellow, US(Men) 9=265mm)
  • Material: breathable mesh upper , the cover made of canvas ,sole made of Thermoplasticelastomer
  • Great Workmanship; 100% Quality Guarantee
  • Breathable,comfortable,comfy Touch and Light Weight
Sensei Best No. 8
ZooBoo Shaolin Unisex Monk Martial Arts Shoes Kung Fu Sneaker (Brown, US(Men) 11=275mm)
  • Material: Cotton Fabric; Rubber Sole
  • Great Workmanship; 100% Quality Guarantee
  • Comfy Touch & Light Weight
Sensei Best No. 9
FENGZ Wushu Kung Fu Sneakers,Handmade Beef Tendon Non-Slip Bottom Breathable Cotton Auspicious Clouds Shoes-for Martial Arts Tai Chi Shaolin Monks...
  • Made of high quality PU leather material, light weight and soft, wear resistant and durable to wear.
  • This product adopts rubber soles, thicken and non-slip, good elasticity and softness, give you a comfortable wearing experience.
  • Specially design for Taekwondo, Boxing, Kung Fu and TaiChi. Soft and breathable.
Sensei Best No. 10
ZooBoo Cotton Buddhist Monks Socks Shaolin Taiji Wudang Taoist Socks Kung Fu Legging Pairs for Training Uniform Robe (38, Gray)
  • 【BUDDHIST TAOIST STYLE】-The socks design totally Buddhist Taoist style, full of Chinese Kungfu traditional culture. Perfectly match the Suit for: Shaolin Tai chi Wudang Taoist Kung Fu for Training.
  • 【HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL】-80% Cotton + 20% Anti-wrinkle natural fibers, 100% Brand new high quality. Nice fabric, thick and breathable. Don’t worry the smell when you sweaty. Thickened underneath and heel, make the socks more durable even through plenty of practice.
  • 【SUITABLE OCCASION】-Suit for: Shaolin Tai chi Wudang Taoist Kung Fu Socks for Training, or you can wear it at home to keep warm at winter as a casual home shoes.

The name “Shaolin” is no more unknown to us. It is the world’s most renowned and trustworthy martial art institution. Also, it is the hub of the top-notch martial art experts of the globe. So, what are should monk shoes?

Shaolin monk shoes are traditional Chinese canvas shoes that monks and martial arts experts wear during their practices. And same is the reason that they are also known as martial arts shoes or as kung fu shoes at times.

With martial art accessories gaining popularity in the last few 70years, the shoreline monk shoes have also emerged as a symbol of martial arts.

The Shaolin shoes are made and sold in almost every country of the world. However, we suggest purchasing from a trustworthy brand such as sense to get assured about the quality.

Sensei shoes commit to provide premium quality shoes at the lowest possible rates in the market. So, there is no harm in giving at least one shot. The best part of these martial art shoes is that their usage is not confined to the practitioners only. Instead, people of all ages, gender, and race can wear them with equal ease.

Advantages of wearing the Shaolin shoes

Factors to consider when buying the Shaolin monk shoes

  1. Make sure that the shoe you are purchasing is of the correct size and fits both of your feet well
  2. Look for the shoes made out of PV material as they are more durable than others
  3. Check the flexibility of the shoe by bending it in a different direction to rest assure the comfortable body movements
  4. Ensure to purchase from a reputable name to get assured about the quality.

Advantages of wearing the Shaolin shoes

There are numerous benefits of wearing the should monk shoes, some of which are listed below. Let us have a look at them.


It is common for territories to have fungal infections and germs. And when you go barefoot, you open a gate for skin and fungal contaminations to spread in your body.

This issue is especially dangerous for practitioners s who are suffering from any skin disease. Thus wearing Shaolin shoes in practice helps to maintain body cleanliness.


Security is another advantage of wearing the should shoe in a fight. When you fight with an opponent, there are high chances that you may hurt the other or ourselves through a strong kick.

Thus the shoes have a soft top to prevent you from causing any harm. On the contrary, there are chances of any pointed or edgy thing being present at the practice area. The shaolin shoes also prevent the practitioner from getting harm from it.

To Conclude

On the bottom line, the shoulder monk shoes are not an element of fashion. Instead, it has significance in a practitioner’s life in many ways.

Also, it helps to assure self-hygiene and get himself protected from various kinds of harm. However, always look for the above traits before making a purchase.

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