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Survival bracelet: functions & uses of the survival bracelet

Survival bracelet: functions & uses of the survival bracelet

A survival bracelet has proven itself to be a helpful and valuable companion in practice. It is part of tactical clothing and is suitable for people who like to explore the great outdoors or who want to carry important survival functions with them. In the following, we present the essential functions and components of the bracelets.

The most important thing in 30 seconds:

  • In principle, survival bracelets act as a valuable addition to an excursion in the wild.
  • Thanks to a survival bracelet, outdoor enthusiasts have the most important utensils such as fire steel, knife, line, fish hook and light at hand.
  • However, before you rely on the functions of the survival bracelet, you should practice untying and braiding again. Otherwise you won’t get very far in the wild if you test the functions of the paracord bracelet for the first time in an emergency.

What are the benefits of a survival bracelet?

Survival bracelets look like ordinary fabric bracelets. However, they serve a more serious purpose. This does not consist in emphasizing the wrist. Survival bracelets act as a means for one effective emergency care. They are made of a nylon that is tear-resistant.

A survival bracelet can prove to be useful in an emergency situation Tool with important utensils prove. It contains additional single strands which are used for different purposes. You have the choice of extracting and using them individually. The advantage of paracord bracelets is their adaptability. They easily adapt to the wrist. So you always have the bracelet with you.

In addition, the versatile bracelet offers numerous uses. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, the bracelet helps to meet the basic needs. These include:

  • Food procurement
  • warmth
  • Processing of different materials with a saw or knife
  • Repair tool
  • Treatment of injuries and wounds
  • Special functions: light, money storage

Unboxing eines Survival-Armbands

Features & content survival bracelet

Fire steel, scraper, mini knife, line and fish hook are among the tools that are indispensable when staying in the wilderness. Most survival bracelets contain the items mentioned, paired with a survival backpack you are well armed. There are basically these functions with the bracelets.

  • Waterproof and tear-resistant material
  • Signal whistle
  • Fire steel
  • scraper
  • Mini knife
  • long, foldable cord
  • light
  • Money safekeeping
  • Saw, screwdriver and Co.

Compass Angelhaken

Safety pin wire

We have a in the functions that are absolutely necessary in our opinion. The

pipe acts as a signal whistle in dangerous situations or as a dog whistle. In the wilderness you should by no means go without a signal whistle due to unpredictable emergency situations.It works in combination with the scraper

Fire steel perfect. To get the reaction you want, hit the sharp edge of the scraper with the fire steel. While doing this, the sharp scraper scrapes composites from the fire steel. Because of the friction, sparks are created instantly and ignite. Their temperature can reach up to 1,500 degrees Celsius. The practical one

scraper Not only does it help to open packages, it also acts as an ideal knife. In the wild, you depend on this tool twice. The scraper acts as a knife and as a supplement to the fire steel. Even if you use the scraper as a knife, it is still worth using a real one

Mini knife . Survival bracelets usually come with a handy little knife.

Thanks to its versatile functions, you have the option of Parachute cord of the paracord bracelet can be used in many ways. Furthermore, the cord impresses with its high load capacity. This amounts to a value of up to 160 kilograms. The string acts as a rope for building tents. Furthermore, it also takes on the task of a reliable safety cord on the backpack. It also acts as a practical fishing line.

Light is an indispensable companion in the wilderness. The darkness of the night confirms the need for light. At night, searching for an object turns out to be without a flashlight or a practical one LED light as extremely complicated. For this reason, a survival bracelet has a light.

money must not be missing on a survival trip in the wilderness. That is why there are also bank notes in the survival bracelet. On a survival trip or a longer stay in the great outdoors, you’re on one

Compass as well as relying on a map. Thanks to the compass in the bracelet, you won’t lose your bearings. With this practical object you can easily determine the global direction. In combination with the cord, the

Angelhaken its purpose as an object for fishing. In addition, the hook functions as a fastening object as well as a tool for hanging objects.

In the great outdoors you are constantly on the move. This can cause your clothes to tear in one place or another.

Safety pins

At this point they turn out to be objects to mend clothing. You can use safety pins to hold together torn buttons or tears in clothing. This is how you prevent the rift from progressing.


Mini saw can be part of your survival bracelet. Both the scraper and the mini knife serve an important purpose and cut through almost all objects. If you still don’t want to do without a mini saw, you can pack it in your backpack.Wires fulfill several purposes at the same time. They act as a fastening cord, help with building a trap or as support for building an emergency shelter. You also have the option of securing your rescue blanket with the wire.Buy survival bracelet

Just take a look at the larger online shops, where you can easily buy a survival bracelet. Here are a few popular models:


Do you need previous knowledge to use it?

You should deal intensively with the functions of your survival bracelet before you set off on a journey into the wild. After all, the paracord bracelet is a braided bracelet that you should braid and re-link after use. That’s why you need


. You can get this with the help of a sufficient



Since the market offers different survival bracelets with different functions, you should deal with them in detail. After all, the functions depend on your product choice. You will not create fire if your paracord bracelet does not have a fire steel. Therefore you should pay attention to its presence. Whereas a sharp knife plays a subordinate role. In the ranking, this is below the flint, scraper, line, fish hook, signal whistle and light.

You can make survival bracelet yourself

As an outdoor enthusiast, you also have the opportunity to braid your survival bracelet yourself. You can open your purchased paracord bracelet and then reconnect it using the correct braiding technique. Before you get on the road, you should repeat this process of opening and joining several times. Books or online videos will help you learn how to use the paracord bracelet correctly.

However, it becomes difficult to incorporate certain functions into the bracelet, e.g. a compass, knife, etc. In the end, a lot of tact is required, a lot of effort is necessary and the result is usually manageable. We therefore advise you to buy.

Is it worth buying a survival bracelet?

If an emergency occurs, the survival bracelet definitely has a number of practical functions. Without an emergency there are nicer bracelets, but you never know … Survival bracelets have not yet reached the masses. It is currently widespread among outdoor fans, preppers or those who want to be prepared.

Paracord bracelets act as valuable support during an outdoor trip. They do, however, require practice. Furthermore, not all models have the same tools. Before you decide on a certain survival bracelet, you should deal extensively with the different models and their functions. The advantage of paracord bracelets lies in their affordable prices.



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