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Tactical jacket for security & military: functions & uses

Tactical jacket for security & military: functions & uses

There is special outerwear for military personnel, police officers, paintball fans, survival supporters and outdoor enthusiasts. The jacket is part of the tactical clothing. It scores with numerous extras and important additional functions that a conventional jacket does not offer. Furthermore, it is adapted to different weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind or heat.

First things first:

  • Tactical jackets act as practical outerwear for military personnel, police officers, security services, outdoor and survival enthusiasts.
  • Tactical jackets are often compatible with other clothing systems (vest, etc.) and some have hidden pockets.
  • Tactical outerwear has reinforced seams, is robust, tear-resistant and offers storage space for important items.

What is the difference between a tactical jacket and a normal jacket?

The following functions are generally offered for tactical jackets. Of course not with every model, so pay attention to the product description.

  • Bags: In contrast to classic jackets, security and military jackets have significantly more pockets. These can be reached quickly (e.g. on the arm, on the side or in the middle of the zipper). Important equipment can be stored here.
  • Elastic cords are located on the sleeves as well as on the waistband. They act as a clever aid to tighten the jacket. In this way, the emergency services do not get painful chilblains.
  • The elbow area is characterized by a Reinforcement for additional wear resistance. The armpits also have clever openings with zippers.
  • In terms of appearance, tactical jackets impress with theirs Tarnmuster. The camouflage look enables well camouflaged movement in open terrain. The jackets are now available in different camouflage patterns. They act as ideal companions for a stay in the forest, snow and in the mountains. However, security services need eye-catching tactical jackets that clearly demonstrate their status. Most of the time they wear black outerwear.
  • A high one Comfort is also one of the advantages of a tactical jacket. Thanks to the breathable material, the emergency services do not break a sweat.
  • Yet they are water and dirt-repellent. Mud, rain and a strong wind are among the obstacles that survival fans, outdoor enthusiasts and emergency services can overcome almost effortlessly thanks to the robust outerwear.
Outdoor jacket for rustic weather

Tactical jackets by forces & regions

Depending on the area of ​​application, there are of course different requirements. The following professional groups need a tactical rain jacket due to their regular outdoor activities: military forces, police officers, security services, survival supporters, outdoor enthusiasts.

Rain jackets, which meet the requirements of tactical jackets, score with a permanently water-repellent material. Usually these are hardshell jackets. The outside of the tactical rain jacket consists of a polyamide fabric. A special rip-stop structure guarantees that annoying rainwater is permanently repelled. Nevertheless, the special rain jacket is permeable to water vapor. It is therefore characterized by optimal moisture management. If you spend a lot of time in a region or season in which it rains a lot, you cannot avoid this jacket.

If, on the other hand, you are in a warm region or in the city, you need one summer-friendly tactical jacketwhich, however, does not make you sweat more. As a military worker, you need a thin jacket with a camouflage look. If, on the other hand, you are out and about as a police officer or security service in the city, you need a monochrome weather-friendly tactical jacket. A practical three-season tactical jacket is suitable for this weather. The material of this special jacket repels wind and withstands mild rain.

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What should you look out for when buying a tactical jacket?

When buying a tactical jacket, you should definitely go for the Fit and the Comfort respect, think highly of. You shouldn’t put your outerwear in yours Freedom of movement restrict. However, it shouldn’t be too far either. Furthermore, you should be on a Breathability Take care. You will definitely work up a sweat on your missions, outdoor excursions or survival trips. For such activities you need a breathable jacket.

Functionality is an important criterion. It depends on your activity. If you are on the road as a police officer or military officer, you need a tactical jacket that gives you quick access to your weapons and magazines. The same goes for paintball fans. If you are in a Region stop, which is characterized by changeable weather, you need practical three-season jackets.

The Weight also plays a crucial role in the purchase. After all, you transport several items in your tactical jacket. For this reason, it may only have a low dead weight. A heavy tactical jacket would not only make you sweat, it would also restrict your movements.

processing is also one of the important purchase criteria. In winter, a tactical jacket with a fleece interior is essential. In autumn and spring, however, is one water repellent Outerwear is a must. It protects you from the rain. You should also be aware of the differences between soft and hard shell jackets. The former are suitable for continuous rain, whereas the latter are suitable for windy days and regions.

Who needs a tactical jacket

Military and security forces need a tactical jacket for several reasons. The former benefit from their adaptability or invisibility in the great outdoors. Furthermore, thanks to the practical pockets, you have quick access to your important items. The material is robust, but still light.

On the other hand, are you one of those people who in their free time Paintball practice, you should also get a tactical jacket. This gives you protection and quick access to your utensils. In addition, the reinforced seams on the elbows guarantee you maximum freedom of movement.

police officers are almost dependent on a tactical jacket. This is not only because they often work outdoors, but also because of the need for quick access to weapons and handcuffs. Police officers also benefit from the tactical jacket’s anatomical cut. He adapts to your movements. Tactical jackets are characterized by an increased number of pockets. Special sleeve and back pockets act as clever helpers for storing important items. In contrast to normal jackets, tactical jackets do not only contain chest or inner pockets.

Outdoor-Enthusiastenthose who like to go on survival trips cannot do without a tactical jacket. The practical pockets enable safe and quick access to important utensils such as compass, fire steel, scraper, first aid kit, map, smartphone, energy bar or water bottle. In addition, the reinforced seams on the pockets ensure that the items mentioned can be transported safely.

What does a tactical jacket cost?

Inexpensive tactical jackets cost 49.95 euros. However, these have far fewer functions than a tactical military jacket. This can quickly cost over 500 euros. Thus, the purchase price depends on your desired function. Furthermore, your purpose and the associated region play an important role in the purchase choice.

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