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Tactical watch for military & security: functions & benefits

Tactical watch for military & security: functions & benefits

“Tactical watches”, also known as “military watches”, are part of tactical clothing. Its design is simple, but the functions differ from those of a conventional wristwatch. High-quality military watches also have important survival functions. Military watches are an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts or hiking enthusiasts.

First things first:

  • Military watches often have integrated functions: GPS, compass, altimeter and barometer, thermometer help with locating in an unknown environment or solar cells to recharge the battery.
  • Tear-proof, robust and scratch-resistant material transforms tactical watches into reliable outdoor companions.
  • Some models even have a blood pressure monitor. These are suitable for people who have blood pressure problems.

How do tactical and normal watches differ?

In the past, military watches only served the purpose of keeping the exact timing during warfare. Accordingly, a regulated arrangement functioned as an effective means of increasing the survival chances of the troop members.

Military watches impressed with hers Robustness and simplicity. They also showed an accurate time even in poor lighting conditions. These advantages still stand for high-quality military watches today. Extreme situations such as freezing cold, continuous rain or intense heat cannot harm these watches.

Regular watches also have many of the following Functions Not. Therefore, the military watch is of greater help in rugged conditions.

What functions do tactical watches have?

Tactical watches feature meaningful functionsthat offer valuable additional benefits not only to troops but also to outdoor enthusiasts. Notable features include:

  • Compass
  • easy to read dial, which glows in the dark
  • a special tear-resistant bracelet
  • water resistant
  • robust, unbreakable and durable
  • scratch-resistant glass
  • light weight
  • not magnetic
  • good camouflage
  • waterproof
  • GPS
  • Thermometer
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Altitude difference
  • Barometer

High quality military watches have a Compass. This function has proven to be extremely helpful in practice. As a wearer of this watch, you do not need an additional compass to carry out a location in difficult environments. The integrated compass enables you to correctly determine the global cardinal points.

Military watches are beyond that waterproof. Depending on the model, they can even withstand a depth of up to 200 meters.

Conventional clocks often have a sparse, illegible or nonexistent one Clock face. Tactical wristwatches, on the other hand, are characterized by an easily legible number display. You don’t have to guess the time thanks to the large clock face. Furthermore, the numbers glow in the dark. Furthermore, neither the dial nor the glass of the respective watch case is reflective. In addition, the numbers glow in the dark. In addition, the numbers do not require an external light or energy source for their luminosity.

robustness stands for a break-proof and scratch-resistant glass. In contrast to conventional watches, military watches can withstand a lot. You don’t have to worry about the first push. The glass case can withstand a lot. Tactical wristwatches have no scratches. Furthermore, these models are characterized by a break resistance. Thus, they act as the ideal companion in the free wilderness. Furthermore, your military watch can also cope with a fall or impact, as they are unbreakable.

Unlike normal wristwatches, military watches are not magnetic. In the military, non-magnetic behavior was an important property. Magnetic clocks can cause malfunctions in the on-board electronics.

Military watches had to take a lot in the war and still conscientiously perform their duty. Not only the case, but also the watch strap is characterized by its robustness. Men traveling in troops moved almost all the time. Her movements were strong and quick. Therefore, there was a risk of getting stuck with the clock somewhere. For this reason, military watches have a strong bondwhich does not tear immediately. As a rule, the bracelet consists of a tear-resistant textile, rubber, silicone or plastic. These materials also impress with their low weight.

Good camouflage and not a flashy design

Soldiers usually wear camouflage suits. This resembles the colors of nature. As a result, the opposing troops cannot recognize you immediately. The soldiers also do not immediately recognize animals that are out and about in the wilderness and ready to attack. The same goes for a military watch. It doesn’t attract attention because of its bright colors or its strange design. Instead, a tactical watch will fit excellent with a camouflage suit. Because of this, military watches are black, dark brown, or gray. Furthermore, the models mentioned are characterized by a flat and inconspicuous design. This makes them disappear more easily under the sleeve of the sweater and are invisible.

Furthermore offer high quality military watches Additional functions like GPS, which enables quick and correct positioning. There are also tactical watches that have Wi-Fi. This will keep you connected to the internet. You can also rely on the altitude meter and barometer as reliable sources of information.

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FAQ on military watches

What are the military watches made of?

The straps of the military watches are made of silicone, rubber or textile. The metal case, on the other hand, is made up of either titanium or carbon. Titanium has always been a popular material for watches. This is due to its nature. It is not only light, but also sturdy.

How expensive is a tactical watch?

The prices of the watches depend on the numerous functions. Of course, a military watch that does not have an integrated GPS is significantly cheaper than a tactical watch with GPS function. The lowest price starts at around 50 euros and continues up to a maximum price of around 500 euros.

The expensive watches offer a greater range of functions, withstand higher water pressure, are more robust and often more durable.

Which brands are popular?

Among the popular brands of military watches are the models called Luminox. They are elegant, simple and robust. However, they do not have all of the special functions that have already been listed. Accordingly, they are also in a cheaper price range.

Military watches of the Brand Traser impress on the one hand with their low purchase price compared to the other tactical wristwatches. However, the price increases depending on the functions the watch has to offer. The design is always simple. You have a huge selection with this brand and can choose between numerous different functions.

KHS military watches impress with their impressive dial. In addition, these models are mostly black and plain. The price starts at 109 euros. However, the price increases with every additional function. Your willingness to pay therefore depends on the functions you want your tactical watch to have.

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