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Taekwondo Shoes – A Detailed Overview

As explained by its name, taekwondo shoes are shoes specially designed to support karate activities. Also called martial arts shoes, they are quite similar to Tai Chi shoes.

Sensei Best No. 2
Vbestlife Taekwondo Shoes Martial Arts Sneaker Boxing Karate Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes Black Stripes Sneakers Lightweight Shoes for Men Women (30 Red)
  • INNOVATIVE KARATE SHOES: with senior material, make it play its functional roles, ensure a comfortable movement. The superior workmanship and multiple stitching throughout the stress points guarantee high performance and long lasting quality.
  • INNOVATIVE KARATE SHOES: with senior material, make it play its functional roles, ensure a comfortable movement. The superior workmanship and multiple stitching throughout the stress points guarantee high performance and long lasting quality.
  • EXCELLENT + KUNG FU SHOES: High performance shoes with excellent workmanship and maximum durability. Lightweight and , specially design for Taekwondo, Boxing, Kung Fu and TaiChi.
Sensei Best No. 3
GINGPAI Taekwondo Shoes, Adults Breathable Non-Slip Taekwondo Sport Shoes,Lightweight Shoes, for Boxing, Kung Fu, Karate and Taichi, Indoor Training...
  • High-quality materials: made of high-grade breathable materials, durable, non-slip, superb design and craftsmanship.

  • Lightweight and breathable: high-performance shoes, excellent craftsmanship, durable, lightweight and breathable.

  • Comfortable wearing experience: GINGPAI Taekwondo shoes use rubber soles, which are thick and non-slip, have good elasticity and softness, and bring you a comfortable wearing experience.

Sensei Best No. 4
Art Taekwondo Shoes Light Weight Boxing Karate Kung Fu Tai Chi Sneakers,Little Kid 1 M US White
  • Design for Martial Arts Kung fu Boxing Karate Taichi Taekwondo,Perfect for beginner or professional
  • Light weight and Comfortable,with senior breathable material, make it play its functional roles, ensure a comfortable movement.
  • Simple and classic design with rubber sole give you a comfortable wearing experience.
Sensei Best No. 5
adidas Contestant Pro Ultralight Martial Arts Kung Fu Taekwondo Indoor Mat Training Shoes - Black - Size 7.5 (255mm)
  • Official Shoes of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo
  • Lightweight for speed performance
  • Apply as a sock thanks to excellent ankle support. Back pockets for easy slipping. Perfect fit through elastic ankle sock style
Sensei Best No. 6
adidas SM II Shoes - White w/Black Stripes - 2.5
  • Lightweight yet durable, these shoes are ideal for heavy workouts or casual wear.
  • Extra light and soft leather construction.
  • Single lace design top with pivot sole for increased mobility.
Sensei Best No. 8
Kagogo Taekwondo Training Boxing Foot Protector Gear Martial Arts Fight Boxing Punch Bag Sparring MMA UFC Thi for Men Women Kids Children (White,...
  • Made of high quality pu leather, lycra fabric, good hand wrapped and protected. Good breathable comfortable grip wearing a good protection for long-term use.
  • Indispensable appliances for training,half-finger design to ensure the flexibility of your foot.
  • Best Design with Excellent Foot Construction make it most durable and long lasting.
Sensei Best No. 9
adidas KICK Shoes Martial Arts Sneaker White with Black Stripes (8)
  • A very light shoe with good fit and grip rubber outsole.
  • Short lace for better fixation on foot.
  • Updated Version Of Adidas Adi-kick
SaleSensei Best No. 10
Unisex Taekwondo Shoes, Martial Arts Sports Shoes Sports Boxing Karate Martial Arts Taichi Shoes Lightweight Shoes for Kids Women Men Adult with a...
  • 【First-rate Material】Our innovative sports martial arts shoes feature state-of-the-art breathable materials that do not interfere with body movements and are comfortable to wear, ensuring easy and free movement.
  • 【Design Concept】In order to cater to the needs of the majority of martial arts enthusiasts, our sneakers are lightweight and breathable, designed for Taekwondo, Boxing Kung Fu and TaiChi.
  • 【Practicality】This unisex Taekwondo shoes adopts rubber soles, thicken and non-slip, good elasticity and softness, give you a comfortable wearing experience.

The shoes were initially made in Japan and Korea. However, they are not confined to that city in today’s world.

Instead, they are produced and sold in every region of the world today. Being immensely popular, the taekwondo shoes have convinced some renowned brands of the world to produce them. For instance, let’s talk about the Adidas tae kwon do shoes.

They are made without laces and can be used to kick some heavy bags and pads. The design has kept modern and appealing. The shoes have managed to get a high sales volume in a short period.

Nevertheless, we suggest our readers get the taekwondo shoes from a credible source such as the Sensei shop to avoid any difficulty in the long run.

adidas tae kwon do shoes

What makes taekwondo shoes distinguish from other shoes?

Countless characteristics make martial arts shoes different from any other shoe form. Let’s have a look at some of those.

The taekwondo shoes are made from a lighter leather and flexible sole. Thus they are more comfortable. They have an extra soft lather paddling on the top of the shoe so that you do not harm the opponent or yourself while kicking.

The sole of a taekwondo shoe has a black hole, which helps when a person is pivoting his bottom foot when preparing to kick. The circle is also helpful when your training is done on grip-type mats.

Factors to consider when buying a pair of martial arts shoes


Comfort is the foremost thing you should look for when buying a pair of taekwondo shoes ( you, of course, don’t want an uncomfortable walk and unease of kicking in an activity, right?).

Do not hesitate to in checking the quality in every possible pose. For instance, sit, stand, and run to check out the comfort level perfectly.


Flexibility is another thing that is crucial in a taekwondo shoe. Twist the sole back and forth to check out the flexibility. However, be careful not to tear the shoe.


Durability is something that we want in every element of our life. Look for the martial arts shoes made out of  PV material, as they are more durable and last you for a decent time.


There are certain quality traits that you should look for before making a purchase. Thus, investigate for the lightweight shoes, have a thin sole plus have ankle support as well.

On the bottom line

To conclude, taekwondo shoes have gained a good level of popularity in the last few decades. The main reason for getting popular is directly rational with the growing popularity of martial arts and karate.

However, be careful to purchase from a trustworthy source such as sensei to not worry about quality, comfort, flexibility, and durability. So, now that you have all the crucial information, you are all good to go.

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