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The 7 best judo videos: Fight!

Judo Videos

In judo you don’t go into hand-to-hand combat anyway and just defend yourself. You think! The following judo videos will prove you wrong. We have picked out the top 7 videos that prove that judo can get down to business.

Judo Video: Best of 2015

In the video you can see the best of 2015 collection from a user on Youtube. Above all, scenes from competitions are shown that have it all;).

  • Different international judo fighters
  • From 2015
  • From various competitions in Tokyo, Paris, Morocco, Baku

TOP 15 Judokämpfer 2000-2010

The following judo collection shows 15 outstanding fights that took place between 2000 and 2010. You can see championships, olympics and national championships of well-known judokas.

  • Refers to fights from 2000 to 2010
  • International fighters, fighting weight 60kg to 100kg
  • Uploaded in 2010


This judo video collection shows great competitions in high resolution quality, take a look, it’s worth it. Even if there is criticism of the music selection in the comments;).

  • Collection of different competitions
  • Various international Judokas
  • Uploaded in HD in 2016

This is why i do judo!!

A little older, but worth it. The collection shows judo excerpts that are a bit old, but the throws are really impressive.

  • Video clips from several judo competitions
  • Uploaded in 2008, partly poor quality of the recordings.

The techniques of the Judo Super Stars

In these judo scenes you can see in an impressive way how the professionals use their judo techniques to bring the opponent down.

  • Techniques of very successful judokas in slow motion and sometimes from several angles
  • Released in 2015

Judo vs Karate real fight

A judoka has no chance against a karateka? Really? We are not so sure about that, and this video also shows that the question cannot be answered clearly.

  • Training fight between a judo and a karate professional
  • Video is from 2014

Can Johannes – Judo | WDR

Learning judo in 48 hours is a pretty tough challenge, but is it possible? The WDR has set itself the task and filmed the whole thing.

  • In the video, the moderator faces the challenge
  • He shows which teaching content he goes through, there is also illustrative material and judokas have their say.

Bonus: Vladimir Putin im Sparing

Vladimir Putin also knows judo, he wears the black belt and at least made it to the Leningrad city champion.

  • Video comes from a judo training round from Sochi.
  • First his sparring partner is the national coach of Russia, then some athletes.

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