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Who is Taekwondo for?

Taekwondo Eignung

Basically anyone who wants to can learn Taekwondo. Of course, it is associated with effort, diligence and perseverance and not every step will be perfect because a certain degree of mobility is necessary. But where there is a will, there is a way!

Who can learn Taekwondo?

In principle, almost everyone of you can learn Taekwondo, because there are only a few restrictions.

  • Your body’s performance level is at its highest between the ages of 20 and 35, but it plays Alter only plays a minor role if it doesn’t Your parties target is to become world champion and Olympic champion.
  • Previous sporting knowledge simplify the training, but are not a mandatory requirement. Everyone starts somewhere.
  • agility is definitely of in Taekwondo training advantage, because there are a number of kicks that only agile people can do. But even if you don’t master every step, you can also have fun in the sport.
  • Im Training almost every martial arts is in principle harmless. There may be clubs (or black sheep) that choose a tough gait and train brutally. Just take a look at the club, but the “danger of Taekwondo” should not prevent you from entering the sport.

Caution is only required with pregnant women and people who have Damage to the hip or the Kneel feature.

These people should urgently Consultation with a doctor hold before you start exercising. The abdominal, hip and leg muscles are put under extraordinary strain by the various foot techniques, also towards the head. If you regularly experience problems here in everyday life, you should also have it clarified beforehand. When performing the twisted knees, especially when used incorrectly, strain on the knees can occur.

How long does it take to learn the basics?

The versatile footwork is the hallmark of Taekwondo. You will be with parts of the Thigh muscles come into contact that you did not know existed before. You should also have yours stretching Perform with great care and caution to get your ligaments used to the strain.

If you exercise regularly at a reasonable intensity, you should after a year be able to execute most of the techniques without errors.

From the application in competition let’s not talk about it here, though, because it takes a few years more practice. The German Taekwondoin Michael Arndt, for example, only started at the age of 18 and became European Champion for the first time 3 years later. So almost nothing is impossible.

Is Taekwondo suitable for defense?

Any martial arts will help in extreme situations, so much in advance. In Taekwondo training one is prepared for the sequence of attacks, defense techniques and possible reactions.

Of course, it can be assumed that an attacker who wants evil will not obey any rules. But the techniques help to repel punches and kicks, and at least they can To buy timethat can be used to escape or to counterattack.

For this reason, the question asked at the beginning can be answered with a clear “yes”, Taekwondo is a powerful way to defend yourself.

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